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Published by: NorDahl on 07-Feb-19


6 Effortless Steps to Driving Traffic to Your Website through iPod Casting

iPod casting is yet another trend in Internet marketing that is simple and virtually free to create. To create an iPod cast, all you will need to invest in is a decent microphone and recording software then you are good to go!


How iPod Casting Can Generate Traffic for Your Website

An iPod cast is an audio file which you can play using your iPod or any similar device. The contents of an iPod cast can be anything under the sun. If, however, it is your main goal to generate traffic to your website then you will have to talk about something that can benefit your listeners and at the same direct their interest to your website.


Step 1 Prepare all the necessary tools you will need for recording and editing an iPod cast. Besides a microphone and recording software, would you also need to add and edit music and sound clips to your iPod cast?


Step 2 Choose what to discuss and who is going to talk. Prepare a program outline for at least two iPod casts. That way, you could end your first iPod cast with an invitation to listen to your second episode.


The content must be related to your website's main theme. If you are managing an online jewelry shop, you could discuss about the proper ways of cleaning jewelries. For more tips about choosing the content, you could conduct an online search using podcast directories and search engines to know which specific jewelry topics generate the greatest buzz.


Whoever is going to act as podcaster, he or she must have a clear and well-modulated voice, able to enunciate words perfectly, and hopefully, with a talent for eloquence and wit.


Step 3 Choose the format for your program. Would you like it to be a solo commentary or something more like a talk show? Would it be a formal or informal interview? Choose what is most comfortable for you to conduct.


Step 4 Go back to the outlines you have prepared. Use it to prepare the actual script for your iPod cast. Determine in which areas it is best to include specific mentions of your website. Do not turn your iPod casts into a glorified ad. Details regarding your website should be incorporated seamlessly with the rest of the script.


Step 5 Practice before you record. This will help you save time and effort when editing your iPod cast. Choose a room that has the least external background noise to offer. Keep your iPod casts short: if you have more to say, save it for the next episode.


Step 6 Prepare the necessary data for submitting your files to podcast directories. By this time, you probably have a program and episode title already. That?s good but it is not enough.


You might also want to prepare a program and episode description as well as image and video files to better promote your iPod cast. Use the same set of information when submitting your podcasts to directories and always place them under the same set of categories and sub-categories. Use the same set of keywords, too. Lastly, do not forget to post your website link on the profile description for the podcast!


For more information about using podcasts to generate traffic for your website, visit and check out How to Send Traffic to Your Sites through iPod Casting.



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